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Mild steel 1018
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Material type: Metal, Mild steel, low carbon
Mild steel 1018 is a widely used alloy with good machinability, weldability, toughness, strength, but it’s susceptible to corrosion on the surface.
Process compatibility
Material Color
Silver gray
Material advantages
Mild steel 1018 is a kind of low carbon steel, which has good strength and toughness. It has excellent weldability and it is considered the best steel for carburized parts.
Material shortcomings
Poor corrosion resistance.
Recommended description
Mild steel 1018 has excellent weldability, produces a uniform and harder case and it is considered the best steel for carburized parts. 1018 mild/low carbon steel offers a good balance of toughness, strength and ductility. 1018 hot rolled steel has significant mechanical properties, improved machining characteristics and has a high Brinell hardness measure.
Tensile strength 440MPa
Yield strength 400MPa
Density 7.87 g/cc
Hardness 76HRB
Elongation at Break 15%
Modulus of elasticity 205GPa
Shear modulus 80GPa
Thermal expansion coefficent 11.5 - 12 10^-6 ºC
Common applications
• Industrial applications requiring more wear-resistance and strength
• Carburized parts that include worms, gears, pins, dowels, non-critical, components of tool and die sets, tool holders, pinions, machine parts, ratchets
• Fixtures, mounting plates and spacers
• Improve drilling, machining, threading and punching processes