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Vacuum plating - High gloss paint
Vacuum plating - High gloss paint
Applicable to Metals,Plastics

Vacuum plating mainly includes vacuum evaporation, sputtering and ion plating. They are all used to deposit various metal and non-metal films on the surface of plastic parts through distillation or sputtering under vacuum conditions. It can get very thin surface coating. Detail sanding would proceed for these parts in order to achieve the best surface effect after plating.Features: fast speed and good adhesion.
Application: functional coatings for higher-end products, household appliances, and cosmetic packaging.

Technical properties
Sharp edges and burrs Removed
Premium appearance availability Yes
Tolerances Met after surface finish
Applicable to all pantone colors-High gloss
Applicable Materials
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Design considerations for Vacuum plating - High gloss paint
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Vacuum plating with high gloss paint is a high-quality surface treatment solution that offers a range of benefits for manufacturers producing electronic devices, automotive parts, and various consumer products. Let’s break down the basic steps for Vacuum plating - High gloss paint a part:

  • Clean up the material to be treated and apply a thin layer of primer
  • The surface undergoes a pre-treatment process
  • The surface is placed into a vacuum chamber where a thin layer of plating material such as chromium, titanium, or silver is deposited onto the surface through a process called sputtering
  • The surface is coated with a high-gloss lacquer
  • Curing of the coating material
  • Quality check
  • Packaging and storage