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Brushing is a surface treatment process in which abrasive belts are used to draw traces on the surface of a material, usually for aesthetic purposes. The thickness of the abrasive belts (usually between \#80-120) affects the finish. Although suitable for a handful of metals, brushing is most commonly applied to aluminum.

Technical properties
Sharp edges and burrs Removed
Premium appearance availability Yes
Tolerances Met after surface finish
Applicable to all pantone colors
Applicable Materials
Alloy steel
Mild steel
Spring steel
Stainless steel
Tool steel
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Example of an Brushed part
Design considerations for Brushed
The Justway Brushed process

The process requires careful control of the brush size, texture, direction, and pressure to achieve the desired surface finish. Let’s break down the basic steps for Brushed a part:

  • Clean and prepare the surface to be brushed
  • The brush size and texture are selected based on the desired surface finish and the type of metal being treated
  • The brush is moved over the surface in a consistent direction to create the desired texture
  • If necessary, the brushing process is repeated in a different direction or with a different brush to achieve the desired surface finish
  • The surface is cleaned to remove any debris or loose particles