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Justway’s Quality Control Standard

Justway upholds top-notch quality standards from material selection to final inspection in our production process.

Initial Document Review
Quality Assurance for Materials
Top-of-the-line Manufacturing Equipment
Ongoing Quality Checks
Final Product Inspection
Rigorous Supervision

Initial Document Review

Prior to production, our engineering team evaluates your part design. This includes assessing important factors like 3D and 2D drawings, materials, surface finish, structure, and workmanship.

Quality Assurance for Materials

We use top-quality materials and closely monitor our suppliers. Material certifications are available upon request and include information like model numbers, grades, dimensions, properties, and chemical analysis. These reports come from the raw material manufacturers.

Top-of-the-line Manufacturing Equipment

We use advanced equipment, including Mazak CNC machining centers, Sodick EDM equipment, Amada punch and press brake machines, and Mitsubishi laser cutting machines, to ensure strict quality control in our production workshop.

Ongoing Quality Checks

We follow ISO9001:2015 standards and established processes for parts production. Mass production starts after approval of the First Article Inspection (FAI) report. Our In-Process Quality Control (IPQC) ensures precision and consistency during production.

Final Product Inspection

Our QC team inspects all finished parts before delivery to ensure high quality, and we provide inspection reports upon request. These reports include information such as part quantity, critical dimensions, tolerances, thickness, appearance, and more.

Rigorous Supervision

We regularly audit and assess our quality control systems to ensure they are effective and compliant. By implementing a comprehensive quality control system and utilizing rigorous testing methods, we can provide high-quality parts that meet your requirements.

Justway's Quality Control Process

Our robust quality assurance system and testing equipment allow us to closely monitor the production process and maintain stable, top-quality product output.

  • Pre-production
  • In production
  • Final-inspection
Pre production

Technical evaluation

Prior to production, our engineering team reviews your part design for technical considerations such as material selection, surface finish, structural integrity, and other details outlined in your 3D and 2D drawings.

Material validation

If requested by the customer, we offer material certification for the parts we manufacture. This certification is issued by the raw material manufacturer and typically includes information such as the heat number, grade, dimensions, mechanical properties, chemical composition, and other relevant details.

In production

On-site quality inspection

Precision machining requires precise positioning of the materials being worked on. Our on-site inspection system automatically examines positions and makes necessary adjustments to ensure accuracy. This system also helps detect and prevent issues at early stages, which ultimately saves time and cost.

Quality monitoring during production

At Justway, we adhere to ISO9001:2015 standards and conduct routine inspections every 2 hours for all parts being produced. This helps mitigate potential risks and ensures strict quality control.

Final inspection

Comprehensive dimensional inspection report

We offer full dimensional inspection reports upon request for all orders. These reports contain important information such as part quantity, critical dimensions, tolerances, thickness, depth, and appearance.

Product packaging

Maintaining the highest quality standards for our manufactured parts is our top priority. Recognizing the potential risks associated with logistics, we take great care to minimize any potential damage during our packaging process. Our multi-layered approach to packaging, which includes wrapping paper, EPE, foam, and a paper or wooden box, ensures that we deliver the highest quality and aesthetically pleasing parts to you.

Justway's Advanced Equipment

To facilitate our strict quality control protocols, our production facility has dedicated workshops for meticulous inspection and state-of-the-art equipment.

Mazak 3axis 4axis 5axis
Mazak 3 axis 4 axis 5 axis
Sodick EDM Equipment
Sodick EDM Equipment
Amada Press Brake Machine
Amada Press Brake Machine
Mitsubishi Laser Cutting Machine
Mitsubishi Laser Cutting Machine
Amada Pega NCT Punch Machine
Amada Pega NCT Punch Machine

Justway’s Manufacturing Standards

Our skilled technicians guarantee exceptional quality, reliability, and consistency for all products.

  • CNC Machining standards
  • 3D Printing standards
  • Sheet Metal standards
  • Injection Molding standards
  • Urethane Casting standards
CNC Machining standards

CNC Machining standards

Tolerances will be controlled with ISO 2768-1. For other tighter tolerances, technical drawing will be required to indicate critical dimensions.

Limits for nominal size Plastics
Coarse class (c)
Medium class (m)
0.5mm* to 3mm ±0.2mm ±0.1mm
3mm to 6mm ±0.3mm ±0.1mm
6mm to 30mm ±0.5mm ±0.2mm
30mm to 120mm ±0.8mm ±0.3mm
120mm to 400mm ±1.2mm ±0.5mm
400mm to 1000mm ±2.0mm ±0.8mm
1000mm to 2000mm ±3.0mm ±1.2mm
2000mm to 4000mm ±4.0mm ±2.0mm
3D Printing standards

3D Printing standards

The maximum equipment size of our 3D printing is 2100*700*800mm. The printing tolerance is determined by different printing technologies, see the table below for details.

Process Tolerance
SLA L<100mm,±0.2mm. l>100mm,±0.2%*L(mm)
DLP L<100mm,±0.1mm. l>100mm,±0.1%*L(mm)
SLS L<100mm,±0.25mm. 100< L<200mm,±0.3mm 200< L<500mm,±0.5mm. L>500mm,±0.1%*L(mm)
MJF L<100mm,±0.25mm. l>100mm,±0.25%*L(mm)
SLM L<100mm,±0.3mm. l>100mm,±0.3%*L(mm)
FDM L<100mm,±0.2mm. l>100mm,±0.2%*L(mm)
Sheet Metal standards

Sheet Metal standards

Tolerances will be controlled with ISO 2768-1. For other tighter tolerances, technical drawing will be required to indicate critical dimensions.

Feature Tolerance
Cutting feature ± .00787’’ (0.2 mm)
Bend angle ± 1.0°
Bend to edge +/- 0.010’’ (0.254mm)
Injection Molding standards

Injection Molding standards

Tolerances will be controlled with ISO 2768-1. For other tighter tolerances, technical drawing will be required to indicate critical dimensions.

Glossy Semi-Glossy Matte Textured
SPI-A2 ±0.1mm ±0.05mm MT (Moldtech)
SPI-B1 SPI-B2 ±0.1mm VDI (Verein Deutscher Ingenieure)
SPI-B3 ±0.2mm YS (Yick Sang)
Urethane Casting standards

Urethane Casting standards

Tolerances will be controlled with ISO 2768-1. For other tighter tolerances, technical drawing will be required to indicate critical dimensions.

Size Metric units Imperial units
Maximum size 800*500*200mm 32*20*8inch
Min thickness 1mm 0.04inch
Minimum part volume 50mm³ 0.03inch³
Quality Report

Professional Quality Report

We provide standard inspection with formal report, material reports, and coordinate measuring machine (CMM) inspection reports. Customization is also available based on your requirements.

Standard Inspection with Formal Report
CMM Inspection with Formal Report
Source Material Certification
Professional Quality Report
Quality Certifications

Quality Certifications

Justway is certified with ISO 9001 and other following industrial certifications.

Justway’s Professional After-sales Team

If there is a issue with the product you received, we can do a redo or refund. In order to find the failed reasons more quickly and accurately, we strongly recommend that you report any quality issues within 1 month after receiving the goods, and we will solve the issues within 1 to 3 working days.


After receiving the complaint, we review the design and samples to check for inconsistencies. We then resolve the complaint and send a redo immediately.

Unacceptable processing defects
Does not meet tolerance requirements
Incorrect material/finish


Quickly process refunds after confirming product issues.

The part is not usable
Customer does not want to redo
Other reasons

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