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Material type: Plastic
PC/ABS is a thermoplastic made of PC and ABS alloys, which combines the excellent properties of both materials. It is widely used in automotive trims, lampshades, handles and other components.
Process compatibility
Material Color
Material advantages
Good impact resistance with toughness and rigidity
Metal coatings have excellent adhesion to ABS
Very good indoor UV light colour stability
Excellent processability and appearance
Material shortcomings
Poor solvent resistance
Low dielectric strength (not a good insulator)
Low continuous service temperature (melts easily)
Recommended description
PC + ABS plastics offer improved strengths over ABS at a lower cost than Polycarbonate.
Exceptional low temperature and Impact Strength. The material can be modified by the addition of glass fiber, mineral fillers and flame retardant.
Common applications
• Automotive exterior and interior components
• Medical hardware
• Electrical housings
• Enclosures