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Empowers "SH Manufacturing" Special Competition - 3D Additive Manufacturing Finals

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JUSTWAY is proud to be a key supporter of the "Shanghai Manufacturing" special competition, specifically the 3D Additive Manufacturing Finals. As a leading player in the industry, JUSTWAY aims to contribute to the advancement of manufacturing technologies and promote innovation in Shanghai.

The 3D Additive Manufacturing Finals will showcase the latest developments and achievements in the field of additive manufacturing. Participants will have the opportunity to present their cutting-edge technologies, innovative designs, and groundbreaking applications. The competition aims to encourage collaboration, exchange knowledge, and inspire further advancements in the field.

"SH Manufacturing" Skills Competition

It has been learned that in order to comprehensively improve the skills of workers and strengthen the construction of skilled personnel, this year's "SH Manufacturing" special competition will focus on Shanghai's hardcore industries, highlighting technological innovation and leading-edge industries. The competition will further benchmark against the WorldSkills Competition in terms of project settings and technical standards. It will feature five WorldSkills projects, including Industrial Machinery, Additive Manufacturing, Industrial 4.0 - Intelligent Manufacturing Line Integration, etc. The scoring criteria will adhere to the standards of the world's top-level WorldSkills Competition. The content will cover five major areas: Data Transforming Life, Data Enhancing Quality, Transportation Convenience, Environmental Protection Promoting Health, and Skills Inheritance and Craftsmanship. While showcasing the skill level of "SH Manufacturing," the competition also aims to cultivate and select outstanding skilled personnel for the WorldSkills Competition.

Additive Manufacturing Finals

As one of the competition projects within the "SH Manufacturing" special competition, Additive Manufacturing (also known as 3D printing) is an emerging manufacturing technology that uses digital models to build physical objects by layer-by-layer material deposition. It represents a significant shift in manufacturing methods from subtractive and formative processes to additive processes, transforming traditional manufacturing concepts and models.

3D printing technicians analyze the technical requirements of products and the characteristics of 3D printing technology to choose suitable product models that can be produced using 3D printing and are superior to traditional manufacturing methods in one or more aspects. They use 3D printing software and equipment to carry out production. Therefore, 3D printing technicians need to master the principles and characteristics of 3D printing technology, modeling software, pre-processing software, printing materials, and printing equipment.

The Additive Manufacturing competition is divided into three modules: Modules A, B, and C. Module A focuses on product modeling and optimization, Module B covers pre-processing of digital models, and Module C involves printing and completing the product. The finals will be conducted for Module C.

The participants first use a 3D printer to print the digital model, and then they use professional tools to perform post-processing operations on the printed model. Finally, they assemble the product to ensure its functionality and dimensions.

Participants start by printing the digital model using a 3D printer. Once the printing is completed, they proceed to a series of post-processing operations, including support removal, cleaning, curing, polishing, and assembly.

After the printing process, participants carefully remove the supports and clean the printed model to eliminate any residual material or debris. They then proceed to cure or solidify the printed object if required by the specific 3D printing technology. Following that, they perform polishing or sanding to achieve a smooth surface finish and enhance the aesthetics of the final product.

Finally, participants assemble the printed parts to ensure they fit together correctly and meet the functional and dimensional requirements of the product.

On-site judges are teachers specializing in Additive Manufacturing from various specialized colleges in SH city. They adhere to the principles of fairness and impartiality, strictly following the evaluation criteria of world-class skills competitions to score the participants. The scoring criteria include evaluation points and measurement points. The competition results will be announced at the "SH Manufacturing" special competition event.

JUSTWAY Empowers Additive Manufacturing Finals

As a supporter of the Additive Manufacturing finals, JUSTWAY has provided high-quality and reliable SLA 3D printing equipment to help participants achieve excellent results in the competition.

Additionally, JUSTWAY's engineering department technicians have also been present at the competition venue to provide technical support, ensuring that the participants can perform steadily and achieve outstanding results.

Engineering Department Manager *** provides technical guidance to participants.

Data Processing Team Leader *** demonstrates operation.

JUSTWAY hopes to support the thriving development of the "SH Manufacturing" skills competition through this collaboration. It also aims to cultivate a continuous stream of skilled participants in the field of additive manufacturing, contributing to the development of the smart manufacturing industry, talent cultivation, and the overall manufacturing industry.

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