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Can Carbon Fiber Be CNC Machined

by: Feb 18,2024 260 Views 0 Comments Posted in CNC Machining

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As a lightweight, high-strength material, carbon fiber is increasingly used in industrial manufacturing. However, many people still have doubts about whether carbon fiber can be CNC machined. This article will delve into carbon fiber CNC processing technology and explore its advantages, challenges and future application prospects.

Overview of carbon fiber CNC processing technology

Carbon fiber CNC processing is a technology that uses CNC machine tools to precisely process carbon fiber materials. Through precise calculation and control, it realizes precise cutting, milling, drilling and other processing of carbon fiber materials to ensure the accuracy and quality of processed parts.

Advantages of carbon fiber CNC processing

High-precision processing: Carbon fiber CNC processing can achieve high-precision processing of carbon fiber materials, meet the processing needs of complex parts, and ensure the accuracy and quality of products.

Improve production efficiency: This technology can maintain high processing efficiency, improve production efficiency, and reduce production costs while ensuring processing accuracy.

Strong flexibility: Carbon fiber CNC processing is suitable for processing various complex-shaped carbon fiber products and has strong flexibility and practicality.

Challenges of carbon fiber CNC machining

Easy to produce carbon fiber chips: During the processing, carbon fiber is prone to produce cutting chips, which puts forward higher requirements for equipment maintenance and maintenance, and special process control measures need to be taken.

Fast tool wear: Because carbon fiber materials have high hardness and a certain degree of brittleness, they will accelerate tool wear. It is necessary to select high-quality tools and adopt appropriate cutting parameters to extend tool life.

How to optimize carbon fiber CNC machining effects

Carbon fiber products are prone to delamination and tearing during machining, which will lead to a decrease in the performance of carbon fiber products. Because carbon fiber products have higher strength, the cutting force is higher, especially when processing carbon fiber products with thicker walls. . At this time, a large amount of heat will appear around the hole, so it is recommended to choose a carbide or diamond drill bit during machining. Traditional twist drill bits can easily cause debris accumulation. It is recommended to choose a drill bit with a center through hole and a row of cutting grooves on the end face. This facilitates the removal of debris.

When drilling carbon fiber products, the shear stress of the cutter head along the linear speed direction causes the surface layer of the carbon fiber material to form a tearing delamination force without restraint. However, as the drill bit goes deeper step by step, the drill bit will A certain taper is generated, and then there is a force perpendicular to the surface of the carbon fiber product, which can resist the force of tearing and delamination, thus ensuring the overall mechanical properties of the carbon fiber product. When drilling to the bottom fiber layer, the load-bearing capacity of the bottom is relatively low, and skirt wrinkles and burrs are prone to occur under axial force. Therefore, during the correction process, the drill bit needs to be used. The effect of trimming is to ensure that the accuracy of the hole meets the actual requirements.

Application prospects of carbon fiber CNC processing

Aerospace field: Carbon fiber materials have the characteristics of light weight and high strength, and can be used in the manufacturing of aircraft structural parts, spacecraft components, etc. in the aerospace field.

Automobile manufacturing industry: In the automobile manufacturing industry, carbon fiber materials can be used in the manufacturing of automobile bodies, parts, etc., to improve the lightweight level of the entire vehicle.

Sports equipment field: Sports equipment made of carbon fiber materials has the characteristics of light weight and high strength, and can be used in the manufacture of high-end sports equipment to improve the performance level of athletes.

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